Ankush Dixit

The Builder


Product designer by education, analyst by profession, entrepreneur by spirit and runner by passion. 

I’ve always been very good with numbers, right from very young age.

My education at IIT, Catolica, NOVA, and MIT introduced me to a whole new world of frameworks. However as much as in love with such tools I am in an academic sense, I find that there is nothing more rewarding than problem-solving. Sports and business make problem-solving a collective effort. Maybe that’s the reasons why I’m so driven towards sports, business, and business of sports. Working and studying globally across India, US, UK, and Portugal have only intensified this. 

I’ve played basketball for my school, college and company, done marathons and ultras (yes, I ran 100kms 9 months after ACL tear) and now very happy doing 5K run the park with the gang. When not playing or watching sports, I like to read blogs or watch Netflix. A big-time foodie and coffee is my preferred poison so ping me if you want to catch up for some.