Kick Starting #squats333


This is the 9th year of La Ultra - The High. It’s truly been a fascinating journey so far and we have enjoyed every bit of it. If you have been part of it in any way, you would understand our love for the number 3, as 3 is everywhere. This is why NukeLeeUs is joining hands with La Ultra in celebrating the 9th year of it by doing 333 Captain Squats daily (3 sets of 111) for 33 consecutive days starting from 30.03 (30th March). We would like to invite you all to have fun, enjoy pain and ultimately get stronger with the #squats333 challenge. 

Why Captain Squats?

Squats are a great whole body functional strengthening exercise. Effectively Captain Squats become captain for the whole set of exercises we have been suggesting in the NukeLeeUs program. 

What is a good form? 

If you are unaware of squats or have a doubt where your feet or hands should be and what angle your quads should be, here is a quick refresher.

Don’t worry too much if you are unable to go down to 90°, start with 120°. It’s also fine if form is not 100% correct, remember - form follows function. However, if there is one thing that your knees should not go in ahead of your feet when you go down. Best way to ensure that is by having a chair behind you, sit on that chair and get up. 

Form follows function. So get functioning. Form will come.
— NukeLeeUs

Why High Numbers?

Pain is a messenger, a well-wisher and a friend. With high numbers you learn how to understand and deal with pain. This is one of the reason why great athletes leave the good ones behind. Not only do great athletes have amazing physical abilities but they also can stay in the zone of suffering for much longer because, at some level, they do enjoy hurting. 

I don’t count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.
— Muhammad Ali

Who all can take part?

In short - if you can sit on the chair and get up then this is for you. All you have to do is repeat it 111 times in one go and 3 times a day. Feel free to take a breather if you unable to do 111 in one go but the idea is keep going until you absolutely can’t, and then do some more. Those some more are the real ones. That’s where the real change will take place.

Should I start with 111 squats non-stop right away?

If you aren’t used to squats, you might want to do 10-20 only in one go. So be it. Get started. Try then to cumulatively do 333 squats in the whole day. Soon enough you’ll be doing more in one single set.

Uncomfortable squats333


Squats333 is not a medical recommendation as much as Rajat claims  to be some sort of a doctor but we all know he pushes folks beyond any limits they would know.

Please stop if you get any pain in your joints and bones. Please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant, have heart condition, have recently undergone any surgery or any other medical condition. We are not saying that they should not do any physical activity but since each case is different, medical advice is must before pursuing such challenges. Again, please take on this challenge for yourself and not for anyone else and hence completely fine if you do lesser numbers, as long as you are pushing your limits. 

Things to keep in mind

To get the best out any physical activity, rest and nutrition are paramount. Injuries happen when either of these are neglected. Again, these two are big topics in themselves and we would be covering them in detail later on but for now, make sure you rest well and eat well. 

How is it expected to go?

Guinea pigs at NukeLeeUs and La Ultra - The High have been experimenting all this on themselves for 5 days before the kick off date of #squats333. Here are some very interesting experiences shared by them.

We are not saying that you won't suffer. However, we do promise that you'll enjoy the experience of suffering like never before. First few days will be super tough. Don’t be surprised if you are unable to walk properly, let alone run, cycle or swim, for first 3-5 days. Stairs will become a real challenge. You might want to install escalators or lifts everywhere.

Your trousers will struggle to go up your thighs, but once they do get up there, you’ll be proud of your thighs. 

Finally, you just might poop better. 

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