Day 1 #squats333

We will be using this blog to put all of the days feedback from folks all over the third rock who are doing #squats333. Here we go for day 1...


We started off the day by getting to Qahwa Cafe at Safdarjung Development Area, across IIT Delhi, a cafe run by Shikha Pahwa. Rajat accompanied Shikha for the first set of 111 squats. Yep, it's ain't easy, but it's not tough either once you decide to get going with it. 

Day-1 #squats333 Completed (3x111squats for 33days). Thanks Dr. Rajat Chauhan for Motivation.
— Naveen Pant
What a Challenge! 600+ Squats at Awesome Xtremers at Goregaon Sports Club inspired by Nukelees by Rajat Chauhan.
Ramanathan Nurani 600, Sheetal Gadda Karia 600+, Siddhesh 700+, Swami 400+. #squats333 Challenge
— Raj Vadgama
Day 1 #squats333 done.
— Himani
333 squats. I just did 😳. 50 + 50 + 233 😳
With a two minute break between reps. I’m still figuring how did that happen.
— Charles Assisi
Just finished the first round of 111 squats. Tried going down the staircase after that. I now feel how rusty my muscles have turned.
I had to hold the railing while getting down the staircase. πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸƒβ€β™‚
Next round at 10:30 PM and final round at 11:45 PM.
Couldn’t find the time to do this in the morning.
Round 2 done. It took around 10 mins. Reaching the 60 mark was tough. Post that it became smooth.
This is making me breathe heavily and telling me I have muscles in my bum I never knew to have existed.
— Nishant Singh