Day 2 #squats333

Flynava office in Bangalore doing #nukeleeus #squats333.
— Flynava, Bangalore (via Siddharth)
Doing 111 squats on 31st March 2018 out of the 33x333 challenge.
— Mallikarjun (Mussoorie, Uttrakhand)

Day 2 of #squats333 done by Siddharth in Bangalore.

Day 2 #squats333 accomplished @9pm. Felt awesome!

My update - legs are sore, every part of leg hurts. Yesterday I underestimated the effort level, today I realize it’s doing wonders. Will update later about today’s progress, enjoying the burning sensation at the moment.
— Manan Mehta (Dubai)
Manan Mehta #squats333
Just completed my second day!!!
— Dr Bill (William) Andrews