NukeLeeUs Conversation with Lara

Lara Sánchez Peña

Globetrotter (50 countries), Teacher (~5 yrs), Competitive sailor, Second time student,

Lara Sánchez Peña is an Argentinian who was in India for over 2 months earlier this year. She traveled from Leh to Humpi, from Elephanta Caves to Varanasi, probably seeing more of India than most of us ever have. She was there at a funeral and also was invited to a wedding. She wanted to come here at the age of 17. Ended up coming here after a decade.  

She shares her experiences of having visited ~50 countries and having understood the cultures there, having been a teacher for over 5 years and a competitive sailor too, and is currently a student all over again. 

More such conversations from people in India and abroad will be brought to you on a regular basis as we are of the opinion that we all are a sum total of all our experiences. Experiences shared by those who have been playing sports, travel and those who are from other cultures could add immensely to you in every possible sense.