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is a Pan-India Cross-Country (running) Championships which for now is open only to Under-Graduate College students with total prize money of Rs 20 lakhs. 

Team event

Contrary to what people think about running, this event is primarily not intended to be an individual but a team sport. Each team will have 8 participants. All runners start together and cover 5 kms. There will be separate teams for ladies and gents. 

Integrating Body-Mind:

All participants of NCCC will get to participate at iRun NCCC Conclave, where we will have imminent panelists from top institutions talking about role of sports and fitness in professional life.

Prize Money

Total Prize money worth Rs 20 lakhs. 

Team: 1st - Rs 4 lakhs, 2nd - Rs 2.4 lakhs, 3rd - Rs 1.6 lakhs

Individual - 1st - Rs 50,000, 2nd - Rs 30,000, 3rd - Rs 20,000

Best Movie covering an individual team training for NCCC; Best Article / Blog leading up to NCCC; Best Photograph(s); Best Team Logo - Rs 50,000 each


Date: 14th October 2018


Venue: Delhi NCR (tbc)

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Why NCCC when there are already systems in place?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”
— Albert Einstein

Healthier & More Productive Next Generation

Today's generation is far more unfit than ever before. The ones who are active and sporty, drop it in high school for the high percentage. Both situations are unfortunate as physical inactivity is responsible for 60% of early deaths because of Non-Communicable Diseases. Also, this leads to them being not as productive as they otherwise would have been. 

Broader base

When it comes to medals at Olympics, in last 70 years, the system has simply failed even though we have good talent. By this initiative, over time, we want to give a platform to the youth in every nook and corner of the country.


This broader base will help us in achieving our target of 3-5 medals at 2024 Olympics (Paris).

Exercises - Runs - Conversations

Exercise programs
for all

These exercises might seem very easy for some. The magic is not in the exercises, but in you having the discipline to follow the program. Get a friend or a partner to join you. 

Getting started

Running is an integral part of being human but all have forgotten how to run anymore. This program will help you relearn how you ran as a child and optimise your potential.

from around the world

Real heroes are those who do. We share stories of those who struggled and then found their way, and now help others to change their lives. You can start by changing that one too.