(dr) Rajat Chauhan

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father, runner, author, sports-exercise & pain medicine doctor

I like to call myself a student of pain and running. I am also a militant advocate of GOYA (Get Off Your Arse) Move-Mint. 
I have been running for last 33 years and making others to run too. In my spare time I am a doctor specializing in Sports-Exercise Medicine (Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham) and Osteopathy / Musculo-Skeletal Medicine (London College of Osteopathic Medicine) with special interest in Back, Neck and Knee Pain. 
Besides heading Back 2 Fitness, a Sports-Medicine & Muscuklo-Skeletal Medicine clinic for last 9 years, I, along with my band of crazy friends, came up with La Ultra - The High, a 333 km (previously 222 km) run in Leh-Ladakh, India. It's now in it's 9th year. 
Till last year, I had been associated with Adidas India as Running Advisor for about 3 years and I've done a series of running podcast, MoveMint for Mint newspaper and series of FacebookLive for Hindustan Times newspaper. I was also the founding Director of Sports & Exercise Department at Ashoka University where I was responsible for the sports infrastructure and making sports and physical activity an integral part of the curriculum. I have also been an Associate Editor at British Journal of Sports Medicine and a columnist for The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Mint, Forbes India and Founding Fuel. My book on Pain, published by Penguin Publications, The Pain Handbook is now out. I am working on a couple of other books too.

Ankush Dixit


Product designer by education, analyst by profession, entrepreneur by spirit and runner by passion

I’ve always been very good with numbers, right from very young age.

My education at IIT, Catolica, NOVA, and MIT introduced me to a whole new world of frameworks. However as much as in love with such tools I am in an academic sense, I find that there is nothing more rewarding than problem-solving. Sports and business make problem-solving a collective effort. Maybe that’s the reasons why I’m so driven towards sports, business, and business of sports. Working and studying globally across India, US, UK, and Portugal have only intensified this. 

I’ve played basketball for my school, college and company, done marathons and ultras (yes, I ran 100kms 9 months after ACL tear) and now very happy doing 5K run the park with the gang. When not playing or watching sports, I like to read blogs or watch Netflix. A big-time foodie and coffee is my preferred poison so ping me if you want to catch up for some.

Chetan Sehgal

Chetan Sehgal

Mountains | Running | Wilderness

I love mountains, I love running and I do La Ultra - The High. That is to put my life in one line as it has been, for the last 5 years. I started running in 2009, with then ADHM being my first ever run I had signed up for. Instantly fell in love with simplicity of this sport. The ability this activity has to instill positive spirit in you, ‘disk-clean’ your head and at the same time keep you fit, is more than awesome.
The little time that I have spent in the wild, exploring trails in the mighty Himalayas, has made me appreciate nature & life more than ever. It was this addiction to mountains and realising the value of being outdoors that got me closer to La Ultra. This race in it's 7 years of existence has created a stage in the world of running, ultra running and adventure, where some incredible human stories have taken shape and will continue to do so.