Chetan Sehgal

The Man Behind the Scenes


Mountains | Running | Wilderness

I love mountains, I love running and I do La Ultra - The High. That is to put my life in one line as it has been, for the last 5 years. I started running in 2009, with then ADHM being my first ever run I had signed up for. Instantly fell in love with simplicity of this sport. The ability this activity has to instill positive spirit in you, ‘disk-clean’ your head and at the same time keep you fit, is more than awesome.
The little time that I have spent in the wild, exploring trails in the mighty Himalayas, has made me appreciate nature & life more than ever. It was this addiction to mountains and realising the value of being outdoors that got me closer to La Ultra. This race in it's 7 years of existence has created a stage in the world of running, ultra running and adventure, where some incredible human stories have taken shape and will continue to do so.