Madhu Singh Chauhan on Benefits of NukeLeeUs Exercises. He retired as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) from Border Security Forces.

Hey Doc. It was wonderful meeting with you today morning at the Lodhi Garden. Thank you for your precious inputs. Really appreciate 🙏🙏
— Rajnish Kansal, Delhi (NukeLeeUs Run on Pi Day, 14th March 2018)

Wonderful initiative Dr Rajat Chauhan 👍 I am totally for it and would go for it full on . The best part about this programme is that we don’t intend to make people Run Marathons , just 1, 2 k regularly , with a set of simple exercises that take not more than 5 minutes daily, is good enough 👍
Lets do it together.
Nuke Lee Us ... as you call it 👍
— Surabhi Mishra Tripathi, Lucknow

I am in already! Urge my runner and non-runner friends to join in and reap benefit!
— Taru Mateti, Pune

Thank you for sharing (NukeLeeUs exercise program). You are doing a tremendous service.
— Amita Sahaya, Delhi

Thank you so much. They (NukeLeeUs exercise program) look really exciting.
— Manisha Mehra, Delhi

All (NukeLeeUs exercises) I’m learning now. A big thanks to Nukeleeus.
— Pradeep Kumar, Bengaluru

Doc, have been doing it (NukeLeeUs exercise program) despite being ACL deficient, so far so good. Now need to incorporate the 2 secs hold. I find Orange Squeeze exercise particularly beneficial.
— Vivek Saya, Jodhpur

Trust Rajat Chauhan the running doc to say it like it is, in his classic no nonsense style.

”We all take ourselves way too seriously. As soon as we let go of that ego, life becomes a lot more comfortable, lot more fun. Simply appreciate the fact that you actually don’t matter, not even a little bit. Nothing does. That’s contrary to what this society has done to us. Sense of entitlement has been ingrained in us. That’s royally messed it up for us.
But yet it is very important to keep at it. At what you love doing. Just that most never find that because they are not connected with their true selves.
That’s enough gyaan for a century. Go, have fun now.”
— Ramraj Pai, Mumbai

Awesome video (Captain Squats). Went for a Run-Clinic held by Asics today (16th Feb 2018). On checking my calf motion movements, the specialist was impressed. All credit goes to Dr Rajat Chauhan. You are my hero.
— Manan Mehta, Delhi

NukeLeeUs exercises have increased by mobility, stability and flexibility.
— Chavi Dutt, Delhi